Why Images Are Important in Printed Leaflets

Importance Of Using Images In Leaflets

The printed leaflet is one of the most popular marketing tools, used worldwide by small businesses and large corporations alike. With so many different styles, shapes and sizes available, the power is in your hands, meaning you can promote your products and your business in a way that suits you and your customers. The great thing about leaflets is the element of tangibility. With TV adverts, they come and go and you never really get a feel for them, but with printed leaflets, you can physically feel the leaflet in your hand, and take it home with you to read as many times as you like. When offered one, you can read it in your own time, in a place that suits you best, unlike other forms of advertising such as billboards or bus stop signs, when in most cases, you are flying by and never really get a chance to absorb the information or give it a second thought.

One of the main reasons leaflets stand out so well is because they incorporate images. It’s not all about fancy text when you are promoting your company. Images are equally as important, if not more important and play a vital role in the success or failure of your leaflet. A picture can say a thousand words, and when given the time to dwell on photo’s they probably say even more than that. In this blog, Cherrill Print are going to take a look at why images work so well in printed leaflets.

Using Images In Printed Leaflets


The use of bright and vibrant images can really help your printed leaflets stand out from the crowd. Too much text and an overcrowded appearance isn’t something that appeals to many people. If you want loads to read, usually you would pick up a book or magazine, but with leaflets, sometimes less can be more effective. By using colourful and carefully selected images you can instantly grab the readers attention, providing you do your research into what your customers want to see. Make sure you take into consideration the colour of your background too. This is equally as important as the images and text itself. The background colour is the basis of your leaflet, and will often determine whether or not a reader picks up your leaflet. Dull tones or overpowering brightness can put people off and make your carefully selected images look out of place, so please be careful.


Images play an important role in determining whether or not you connect with your audience. Visual effects are the most important factor in the advertising world and help provide emotion and evoke powerful feelings with your customers. Are you trying to sell something or show a customer how well you do something? Images are the best way to achieve this by highlighting the beauty and features of your company or a product in general. Think about the audience you are targeting and this will help you decipher which images to use. Sometimes quality stock images can prove to play an important role in connecting with your target audience and promoting a certain product.

Spacing Out

When designing your printed leaflets, images are the best way to break up text and provide a healthy break from reading. Giving your customers the chance to enjoy an image in between paragraphs will lead to more success on the sales from than you could possibly imagine. Try using headings and short descriptions that lead up to an image. When people see the product you have to offer after reading a little bit about it then it will have a much larger impact on the customer. Breaking up the content in any printed marketing material is important and images provide the best means to do so.


This is probably the biggest advantage to using images in your printed leaflets. The ability to show people your product or service is an invaluable tool in your quest to achieve more sales. If your leaflet is used for promoting a range of products, then using images is far more likely to do so than by using mountain loads of content. Take a food leaflet for example. Food manufacturers would never dream of promoting their product using just text. You might be able to paint a mental picture with words, but it will never have the same effect as a showing the customers a delicious looking cake or a scrumptious looking hot meal. The use of images make your product look desirable to your audience. People think with their eyes and buy with their eyes, so images hold the key to your businesses success when you promote using a leaflet.