Creative Uses For Stickers

Top 5 Creative Used for Stickers

Stickers are a great and relatively inexpensive marketing tools, and they can be stuck to almost any item or surface. No matter what shape or size sticker you might require, there’s no reason why you can’t use it to expand your marketing outreach. Printed stickers are fun to use, and they can be used to promote any type of business or brand. Stickers can be used for anything from gifts to branding and so much more; they truly are a marketer’s best friend. For anyone wanting to broaden their reach and capture the attention of new people and their existing customers, then it’s important to consider using stickers. Some of the most creative uses for stickers are listed below:

1. Receipt Stickers

Why would anyone add a sticker to receipt right? Wrong! Adding stickers to customers receipt is becoming highly popular especially in the food and drink industry. Wondering why this might be? Well have you ever been into a coffee shop or bar and wondered what the Wi-Fi password is and haven’t wanted to ask for it.

Well, this is where adding stickers to receipts comes into play. Stickers can be customised with your Wi-Fi password meaning people can easily stay connected online whilst their visiting your business. In addition to the Wi-Fi password you could also add things such as discount coupons or promotions. Using stickers of any type on your receipt, can encourage return custom.

adding stickers to receipts

2. Advertising/Promotional Offers

One of the most common and popular ways to use stickers is for advertising and promotion. Advertising is the key to success for any business and using stickers is one of the most cost effective mass market options available. Stickers can attach to almost any type of surface, meaning their no limits when it comes to advertising with stickers. Most businesses will hold some sort of promotion at least one or twice a year and stickers are a great way to get the message out there. Add them to everything from packaging to carrier bags, and even the items themselves; the choice is entirely down to you.

3. Personalised Stickers

Don’t want a standard sticker and looking for something a little different? Then fear not, because stickers can come fully personalised. Whether their for personal use with your name and address attached to them or for business use in the form of social media stickers, they can be fully customised to suit your exact requirements. Stickers can be any shape or size, allowing you full control over every aspect of how they look. Using personalised stickers is becoming highly popular for businesses and they are commonly used to help create and grow brand awareness.

4. Brand Awareness

Brand… Brand… Brand… Business! Having good brand awareness is important for all businesses, especially small or start up businesses. The more brand awareness you have the more business you’re likely to have. Whether you a shop selling clothes or a nightclub in town, you should always be looking for ways to grow your brand name.

Wondering how stickers can help achieve this? Well when it comes to stickers the options to help grow your brand name are virtually endless. From attaching them to items to even the packaging you use, it’s likely to be seen by numerous people. If you run a shop or bar, then why not consider adding some stickers to the coins in your shop. Millions of people handle pound coins on a daily basis, so why not use them to advertise your business name; of people see it their likely to search for you online.


5. Social Media Outreach

Social media is always changing, from new features to complete new social media networks. If your business is using social media, then why not use stickers as a way to help grow that presence. Adding social media stickers to items such as parcels or even mail, can you to grow your social media following. Whether it’s increasing the number of likes you have on Facebook, or the followers you have on Instagram, then there’s no reason not to use stickers. Social media stickers that can either be in the form of prompts or they could either be personalised to include your brand name and the URL to your profiles.