Cost Effective Print Based Marketing

Using Marketing For Printing

Marketing is important for any type of business, and for new and small businesses it’s about finding the most affordable and effective marketing method. Printing is one of the most cost effective marketing methods available and there are a number of different options you can choose from, some of which we’ll go through below.


A leaflet is one of the most common print based marketing materials that businesses use. Leaflets are typically available in a range of styles such as flat, folded or booklet designs. Most leaflets are printed using high quality materials and inks to obtain the highest level of finish. No matter what type of leaflet you might require, professional printers will be able to produce them for you. With a leaflet you can advertise a range of things such as your business itself, the services/products available and any special offers you might have on.


Stickers are a bold way to market, and they can be very effective when used in the most effective way. Many businesses use stickers as part of mass market and viral marketing campaigns. Stickers are regularly used to build brand awareness and to increase businesses social media platforms. With a high quality and eye-catching sticker, you can attract the attention of potential customers.


A poster is bold and large, and it’s guaranteed to get noticed by people who pass it. As a large format document, you can include large amount of information without it seeming boring. Having a professional poster design, will ensure that people see your business or special offer you might be hosting. Businesses such as pubs, clubs and shops are more likely to use a poster. Posters can be placed in a number of areas such as windows, bus stops, walls and many other places.


Flyers are one of the most effective ways to mass market and they are commonly distributed throughout letterboxes. A flyer isn’t a leaflet, where leaflets are designed to be of a high quality flyers are designed to offer a professional look at a much more affordable price. Printing is always carried out to the highest standard for flyers. Most flyers are offered in bulk to ensure you get the most for your money, meaning if only 50% of your leaflets are read, then you haven’t lost out.

Business Cards

Nearly all businesses and business owners will have or use business cards. Business cards can be produced in a large quantity for a nominal price, meaning you can mass market your business in a cost-effective manner. Many people place business cards in other businesses or distribute them throughout the local area. One of the most common places for people to use business cards is at networking events as they can be placed on your table or handed out to other business owners. Business owners contain a range of information such as name, contact details and the services you offer.